8th November 2019
Over at M Bloc, _Oeang is an establishment that preserved the rich history of an old banknote printing company by reviving it into a restaurant that fits the bill for every occasion.

Jakartans are fully enjoying the dynamic way M Bloc has created to pass the time in the city since its opening in September. Full of life, various outlets can be found in the space, making way for discoveries in music, food, down to local brand knickknacks. Amongst them is _Oeang, a newly refurbished restaurant that took a historical old money printing factory into a modern playground for the gourmands.

Situated at the back of M Bloc, _Oeang’s restored warehouse has made a home for the F&B trinity: restaurant, bar, and coffee roastery. The building is preserved to its original look, from the cracked paint on the walls to the various bill printing machines commemorated as part of the establishment’s décor. The place’s origins are further honoured with a beautifully painted mural of a 1,000 Rupiah bill. To one side of the venue, a bank of windows allows in some sunlight to gently lit up the rustic and unfussy interior to complement the old-timey quality of the abode.

Serving classic Indonesian dishes, a few Asian-inspired and Western favourites, the restaurant is a place all ages can appreciate. Start the meal with their lightly sweeten Peach Ice Tea or be bold with their Pelipoer Lara – a light cocktail with Cap Tikus that’s infused with lemon, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup – along with the Bola-Bola Goreng, Kimchi fried rice balls grilled in panko and served with Korean mayo.

Moving into the main dishes, their Soto Betawi is a no-brainer to savour, while their brightly coloured Nasi Oedoek Khas _Oeang is flavoured and portioned to satisfy the stomach. The Western grubs are kept breezy and familiar with options like the Chicken Parmigiana and Fettucini Beef Carbonara with mushrooms. To round out the meal, save room for their delicate Soufflé Pancake, drizzled with palm syrup and coconut sauce, topped with strawberries.

The various nooks and crannies found in _Oeang help create intimacy in the midst of the busy and well-adored M Bloc. Whether basking under the sun or hanging out in the evening with your posse, the restaurant offers a truly unique experience that dwells well with the history that graced their walls before them.