My Living Room Café

19th November 2015
Lodged inside Periplus store, My Living Room café’s no-brainer all-day breakfast menu highlights the pleasure of taking it easy and kicking things down a notch.

How often have you overlooked an establishment simply for its location? While there’s no denying that a splendid place enhances the ambience and all that jazz, but in the end it still boils down to the food.

Hiding inside Periplus bookstore at Kemang residential area, My Living Room Café’s unassuming presence should be considered as a part of its charm. There’s no excessive embellishment or decoration to be seen here; just the kitchen counter, tables and chairs neatly placed in a corner of the bookstore. My Living Room’s straightforward attitude means that it prefers one to pay attention to its food instead.

Indeed, while the options are pretty much limited to all-day breakfast menu, pasta and sandwiches, it is still easy to be fickle here. Luckily, favourite dishes like their Classic Burger (made with hand-ground burger and served with pineapple slaw), Protein Up salad (a hearty vegetarian salad with chickpeas, French beans, cherry tomatoes and many more) and Jalapeno Poppers Sandwich (stuffed with three variants of cheese on sourdough bread) are recommended for the first-timers.

Still, the presence of Periplus, in a way, adds an extra jolt to this café. It feels as if one is breaking the rules for eating and chatting up a frenzy in a bookstore. But above all, the presence of all the books also serves as a reminder to not judge anything by its cover and in this case, My Living Room Café.