Mix Diner & Florist

2nd September 2015
Indomie gets a proper and faithful treatment in Mix Diner & Florist, where it is served in exact likeness as it appears in packaging. What you see is what you get.

Name one Indonesian product that is known the world over and we’ll have ourselves screaming “Indomie!” in unison. With the mass-produced food creating a wave of cult-like followers everywhere, it’s not surprising to see restaurants experimenting with this much-loved instant noodle. Mix Diner & Florist is no exception.

The restaurant is smack bang in the corner of a gas station in one of Jakarta’s most trafficked intersection. Owned by four former high school friends, Mix Diner & Florist is among the first ones whom introduce MieMirip as a popular street food item.

MieMirip is a truncated name for Mie Mirip Bungkus; a bowl of Indomie noodle that is plated the exact way like its packaging image. As a result, you’ll have an image to real-life Indomie replica that’s so alike, starting from the choice of plate, then to every pickle, topping, and garnish that adorn the noodle, all in the faithful amount and position (parsley is always huddled against sunny side up and sliced tomatoes, while lettuce is forever placed beneath all garnish) as what the image puts up.

Providing you with varied options of MieMirip, the prize however, lies on its Mie Meter. Don’t be surprised when you see a high school couple grazing on a half-metre long plate of fried noodle that is equal to four packs of Indomie. It’s a regular, almost normal, sight here.

Noodles aside, the place offers an eclectic range of other filling fares and light nibbles. Equally tempting as their noodle assortments is Mix Diner’s Ayam Keprek Ancur, with spicy level that ranges from kindergarten (two chilli) to tummy-wrenching professor (more than 10 chilli). In addition, answering to the inclusion of florist in its name, the diner has a small flower display right across the cashier where one can  get a bouquet of flowers for special occasions, or for no reason at all.

Showing off a fun-filled concept with black-and-white floor tiling and flashy upholstered chairs that are akin to the characteristics of a diner, Mix Diner is a magnet for schoolkids and office workers who are simply looking for uncomplicated, economic dining affair. Obviously, it’s the place on top of one’s list to wait for the traffic around the area to untangle.