Maris Store & Maris Kitchen

1st August 2017
Maris Store shares their new abode with an in-house dining area (and hangout spot), Maris Kitchen in Kemang Village.

Those who have been following Maris since day one know exactly what the store is about. And no doubt they also know exactly what to expect from this streetwear boutique store. But, with its new abode, it’s safe to say that even the regulars will find that the new Maris in Lippo Mall Kemang Village is noticeably more different than before.

When it comes to streetwear fashion, fans can still rely on Maris where they can hunt for streetwear staples from Vans, Nike to Racecar Sportswear. While the store offers a good mix of both international and local brands, currently Maris also features more local emerging brands, such as Abellone, Surplus Goods and Gavin and Grace.

Originally started out as a concept store for streetwear enthusiasts, Maris has now expanded to include Maris Kitchen. What’s obvious after entering Maris is that, right after the store, the establishment stretches all the way in where you can find dining area, bar and even a spacious outdoor area to kick back.

Food wise, the menu offers grubs that easily work from day to night. Come during the day and options like, Chili Cheese Fries and Chicken Gyoza are appropriate to be shared among your mates. During the evening, it’s natural to gravitate towards heavier and hearty choices, such as Chicken Katsu Curry and Salmon Rice Bowl to keep you sated. Even if food is not on your mind, don’t be in a hurry when you’re in Maris. Order a cup of joe or even juice and take pleasure in killing time at the outdoor area. With that extra moment in Maris, you might just finally resolved to get that pair of sneakers that you’ve been eyeing all along.

Still, whether you’re walking out of Maris empty-handed or not, with the extension of the kitchen, you can rest assured to leave Maris with a satisfied tummy along with good vibes.