Lucky Number Wan

14th August 2018
Among the rows of coffee shops in Puri Indah, Lucky Number Wan fuses Chinese dishes with Western sensibilities while specialising in their wide selection of tea beverages to suit your cup of tea.

Surely we’ve experienced the time-consuming dilemma of deciding which restaurant to eat in next, especially when presented with a plethora of options offered in Jakarta. Not seldom in these situations, close ties are drawn between Western and Chinese cuisine. If you’re plagued with this indecision, the recently established Lucky Number Wan combines oriental and Western flavours into one unusual solution for your predicament.

Located in Puri Indah, West Jakarta, Lucky Number Wan strives to introduce the neighbourhood to a unique menu of Chinese bites infused with flavourful Western twists. Relish the creamy Truffle Hongkong Noodles with King Prawn and their succulent Truffle Cream Dumpling, as they are both almost as unconventional as much as they are savoury with their use of cream sauce. Those wanting a more Asian tang can opt from a variety of items, including their jolting Kwetiau Mala and a selection of baos. After all this, it won’t hurt to give this dining episode a sweet ending with their Matcha Molten Lava Cake or the Fried Milo Bao with Ice Cream.

Wanting to distinguish itself not only through its meals, the restaurant also provides an alternative in an area copious with coffee shops through their tea-based beverages. Brewing local leaves and flowers with meticulous care, this Chinese Brasserie has inclusive choices of artisanal teas, such as the Sencha Green Tea. For something cool, have a go at their Iced Pandan Matcha Latte where the two flavours are combined into one sweet and refreshing drink, or freshen up with a glass of iced peach tea topped with peach sorbet.

Aside from their menu, the restaurant puts effort into optimising the narrow space of their interior. Through the combination of warm tones, minimum décor and pink neon lights, the venue brings together diverse visitors throughout day and night. Early risers arrive as early as 7.30am to drink and “spill” their tea while, in the evening, white collars are looking to lean back with eats and conversations after enduring long hours of work.

Whatever you may be looking for, the versatile Lucky Number Wan gives more than ‘wan’ good reason to visit their establishment. Lucky one indeed, you’ll feel intrigued to pay one more visit after your last one.