6th August 2015
Located above Turning Point, the ingenious combination of a well-loved coffee shop, Køkken+ (lifestyle concept store) and Irene & Flowers (flower boutique) serves as a compelling three-in-one lifestyle stop in the district of Gading Serpong.

Sharing a mutual love for travelling, the two husband and wife duo (Alfred Lyanto & Jeslin Hamdani and Askar & Scarlete Moniaga), behind Køkken+ came up with a lifestyle concept store that offers stimulating conversations as a charming bonus in addition to their in-demand assortment of quality locally-produced and internationally-sourced home goods as well as pastries.

Embracing simplicity and community, Køkken+ is a place where one can freely exchange thoughts and ideas (preferably over a cup of Cappucino and their to-die-for lemon cake). Emitting a tranquil atmosphere, the soy scented room is modestly decorated. Wooden bookshelves installed against light gray walls are filled with travel books, small potted plants, and mementos from recent travels, adding to its unmistakable homey vibe.

The interior is hugely influenced by the uncluttered aesthetic of Japanese culture, fused together with clean lines and neutral colors. Resulting in a store where customers are treated to a casual and relaxed environment to simply browse through and enjoy a well-animated conversation on potential travel spots.

Displaying a diverse selection of serving boards, wooden bowls, and even organic food, all of their curated goods are evident proof of their appreciation for details and craftsmanship. The store’s inventory constantly changes and new products are quick to replace the old as they come in limited number.

Bearing its name from the Danish word for kitchen, Køkken+ is always cooking up fresh and new exciting ideas.