9th July 2015
Kixxx, the new kick in town, is the latest sneaker store to appease even the diehard sneakerheads.

These days, being labeled as a sneakerhead is akin to getting decorated with a cool badge of honour. After all, it basically means you’re somehow belonging to a group that sports stylish kicks and own a sizeable bank account to support that “hobby”.

After noticing that Jakarta lacks a decent sneaker store, longtime friends and sneakerheads, Adrian Riyadi and Emil Sugianto, started Kixxx to appease the diehard sneakerheads. The three X’s in Kixxx itself provide a clue to the establishment’s staunch obsession in cool sneakers. In other words, it’s a haven for the shoeporn devotees.

As the official distributor for Nike, Adidas and Puma, it’s easy to find a pair of sneakers in Kixxx to suit your everyday style. A pair of understated sneakers for active daily activities? Checked. Want to make a statement with a pair of eye-grabbing limited edition sneakers like Nike Airmax 1 Atmos and Adidas Yeezy Boost? They got it covered too.

But it is not just all about the latest sneakers to be obsessed about. As a true sneakerhead would attest, the fun also lies in collecting sneakers that are no longer made available or out of stock. Luckily in Kixxx, the second chance comes in the form of pre-owned kicks that are let go by their owners for various reasons.

So when it comes to Kixxx, sneakerheads better proceed with caution for one will have to deal with the possibility of unavailability of size or colour before moving on to another potential sneakers. A pursuit that they would likely to get a kick out of it anyway.