21st January 2016
Aspiring to be the key player in the local sneakers scene, Havehad is taking a big step by opening its first physical store at Southbox in Prapanca.

Among all types of shoes, it’s safe to say that sneakers are everyone’s go-to choice in the department of comfort. Considering the prominent position of sneakers in current culture, a number of local and foreign brands are committing themselves to win the heart of sneakers enthusiasts.

Started from a college assignment in 2011, Havehad was born with the main idea of delivering ‘athleisure’ (athletic leisure) concept. By combining rubber sole with classic leather and fabrics, Havehad aims to highlight the versatility of sneakers as a fashionable addition to any style of clothing beyond sportswear.

Originally only available through a handful of local stockists (e.g. Monstore and The Goods Dept.), Havehad is opening its first brick-and-mortar store at Southbox in Prapanca. Here, their best sellers such as LTX for men and Curvature for women are placed in a neatly arranged display. In addition, their new collaboration line Argo, with fellow local leather goods maker Voyej, is also available to try on.

Even though space is limited here, the minimalist interior of the store accentuates the warm and inviting air that is both comfy and aesthetically pleasing. And also, to further complement their store, Havehad provides shoe-cleaning service as well.