Hardware Lane

9th August 2018
Named after one of the most bustling laneways in Melbourne, Hardware Lane presents the Australian city's flavourful fares and seeping love for specialty coffee to denizens of Pluit.

There’s no denying of Pluit’s myriad options for palatable Chinese food, but when it comes to the more upbeat coffee and brunch presence, perhaps the neighbourhood isn’t as revered. Luckily, Hardware Lane presents itself as a strong establishment equipped to add more colour to Pluit’s scene for specialty coffee. So, if you happen to find yourself in North Jakarta, maybe you can shift your lane this way.

Those who have spent a portion of their time in Melbourne may remember Hardware Lane as a pedestrian-only road renowned for its restaurant and cafes. Just as the name of the place and some of the menu items suggest, the drinks and dishes served there are Melbourne-inspired. With specialty coffee as their forefront, Hardware Lane provides a comprehensive menu for its coffee beverages that can be made from two of its house blends. Whether you opt the velvety-body Mount Buller blend or the more acidic yet sweet Victoria blend, they taste particularly well when crafted in Melbourne-style technique, Magic. Apart for their cups of joe, their selection of herbal tea leaves quite the impression as well, ranging from classics to unique options such as the popular Exotic Escape with notes of exotic fruitiness.

Whatever time of the day it is, the all-day brunch menu in Hardware Lane makes it a good idea for you to nestle in the neat open floor plan of its bright-coloured interior longer. You couldn’t go wrong with a plate of the classic Egg Benedict, or the Candied Bacon French Toast if you want a delectable middle ground between savory and sweet. Understanding how rice is deemed a daily necessity by many in Indonesia, Hardware Lane also serves the carb in bowls topped with different chows, like the juicy slices of lemongrass pork and a sunny side up from their best-seller Nguyen’s Recipe Lemongrass Pork on Rice.

While Pluit may not be the go-to neighborhood for brunch and coffee, Hardware Lane gives a reason for those who enjoy either of the two to travel through its busy streets. Be it a group of friends, mothers waiting to pick their children up from school or business colleagues looking to have a productive meeting, Hardware Lane opens its doors to those wanting to savour delectable offerings with good company.