Djule Kofi

15th March 2016
A venture of Ombé and North Jakarta represent, Djule Kofi sits at the busy entrance of Blok M where it is all about coffee and establishing friendly connections.

Djule – pronounced Joo Lé – sounds like the nickname of a high school best friend, whom you had the memories of, say, mugging the day before exam or be in stitches over inside jokes. Perhaps, that’s most likely what Djule Kofi is about. A venture of Ombé Kofie, Djule serves as an extension to the popular coffee shop in Muara Karang. In short, Djule is a warm greeting from the North Jakarta.

The spacious establishment located near the entrance of bustling Blok M, like many other third wave coffee joints, is all about coffee and the unexpected connections that might surface from it.

Over the long counter, right after your espresso-based coffee order, the barista promptly presents you with four choices of coffee beans. And this is where the staffs at Djule get to interact and be acquainted with their customers rather than the usual order taking. And that’s a good start to your experience in Djule even though they might not learn your last name right away.

With various coffee beans to choose from, it also encourages coffee enthusiasts or amateurs to return again and sample the difference in flavours. Still, even if you’re not particular about how your coffee is made, Djule still makes for an interesting hangout spot. Near the entrance, with their huge windows, one could enjoy the banal views of the street – white-collar workers crossing the busy road, street cleaner patiently sweeping the pedestrian walk and occasionally, confused tourists figuring out their destination.

First-timers may also notice the second floor. Unfortunately (or fortunately), that is reserved only for the loyal customers or close acquaintances of Djule where they could enjoy a hideout or meetings in privacy. Call it an underhand tactic if you like, but it underscores Djule’s eagerness in being your trusted friend when it comes to coffee.