26th September 2015
A lifestyle-oriented establishment, District houses local creative brands from fashion, F&B to lifestyle services.

Jakarta’s young crowds have an insatiable appetite for new things. Over the past few years, lifestyle-oriented establishments have flourished as they accommodate the city’s youthful bunch.

In early 2012, District was born as the brainchild of duo Aditya Nugra and Rizal Nugro. An independent lifestyle space for young crowds, District started first with only XtraMedium concept store as its sole tenant. Now, the arcade is a proud host of nine dwellers from the likes of fashion (XtraMedium and Brick Ltd), food & beverages (Stomping Grounds, Toetje Dessert, The Burger Guys, Junkyard), to lifestyle services (Barberbox, Sneaklin, Matjotatto).



It’s so easy to imagine that the seemingly large space of XtraMedium is your walk-in closet. With an impressive display of sneakers that varies from Nike, Adidas, to Jordans, it is a feat to resist taking one of them home with you. XtraMedium’s selection of products also features a range of T-shirt and sweaters, with designs that lean towards casual and street. Proving that style can be comfortable too, their items cater to trendy and young clientele.


Everyday           : 1pm – 9pm

Contact number : +62 812 8348 3999 



Sneaklin x Matjotattoo

Housed in one corner of District’s second floor is a compact space that is shared between an unlikely couple: shoe laundry service Sneaklin and tattoo parlour Matjotattoo. Thanks to tattoo artist Bayu’s outgoing personality, Matjotattoo has gathered a steady amount of customers who are mostly students and young professionals. Sneaklin, meanwhile, takes up a small spot within the space, where it serves as a drop-off point for dirty shoes.


Wednesday to Sunday           : 12pm – 9pm

Contact number       : +62 851 0037 3731 (Sneaklin) and +62 819 0631 4805 (Matjotattoo)




It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since the first Barberbox was conceived in District. Started by the cousin duo Muhammad Emiranza and Triputra Salman Salim, all three branches of Barberbox has earned the reputation as the go-to barbershop for a dapper haircut. In addition to their friendly service and famous undercut style, they also offer their own oil-based pomade brand, Smith, which you can purchase after a satisfactory cut.


Everyday          : 10am – 8.30pm

Contact number : +62 85 6107 7736



Brick Ltd.

Featuring coveted international brands like Stussy, Crooks & Castles, and Us Versus Them in addition to their collection of local brands, the streetwear-focused brand, Brick Ltd., was one of the first to settle in this creative space. Located to the right of Stomping Grounds café, the space is filled with racks of sweatshirts and t-shirts, while snapbacks and tote bags are perched on the shelves, making it relatively easy for one to sift through their youthful assortment of goods.  


Everyday          : 1pm – 9pm

Contact number : +62 812 8285 7695



Stomping Grounds Coffee

Fashion checked. Dapper hair checked. Now there’s only one thing left to finish it right; a satisfying cup of coffee. Stomping Grounds serves specialty coffee and poffertjes, a traditional Dutch sweet treat. Thanks to Stomping Ground’s prime location, which is smacked right in the heart of District, a visit to District wouldn’t feel right if you leave without getting a good ole cup of joe from this café.


Monday to Thursday          : 11am – 9pm

Friday to Saturday              : 2pm – 12am

Sunday                                  : 11am – 9pm

Contact number                 : +62 812 9402 7217



Toetje Dessert

The self-effacing dessert bar is the last to join the crowd in District. Putting the emphasis on experimenting over consistency, Toetje (Dutch for dessert) modifies its menu every so often for the sake of the experiment itself. The only consistent menu is a delight for the sweet tooths, the S’mores ice cream. A toothache-inducing piece of goodness, S’mores ice cream comprises of stuffs you dreamed of eating everyday as a child: marshmallow, oreo crumbs, Marie Regal crumbs, and cereal (Froot Loops and sometimes Koko Krunch).


Everyday                              : 3pm – late