Bauhaus 1933

14th August 2015
Enjoy a night of full swing at Bauhaus 1933, where the norms of The Prohibition era remain intact within this underground speakeasy bar.

The daring era of illegal booze consumptions that sprawled around America in a galore is long gone but not forgotten. Bauhaus 1933 relives the splendour past of that era with its classic setting of a speakeasy, where the familiar sight gives a déjà vu feel of walking through history.

Bauhaus 1933 manifests such an antique soul that is hard to notice on a plain sight. From outside it looks like a square barricade of black metal fences with a staircase leading downstairs. Following its trail, one immediately catches the sight of yellowish glow that cast shadows on the bar’s various metal and wooden fittings. A foot-tapping Jazz music rolls in to wash away today’s weariness, creating a perfect atmosphere to call it a day as the nightfall begin to settle.

Created based on the untold establishment of speakeasies, Bauhaus’ entity is not widely publicised. The hideout is introduced by the word of mouth over conversations between fellow regulars. The whole ambiance prompts a warm atmosphere where everyone seems to know everybody. A perfect spot for those who have zero curfews and willing to idle in the night a little longer.

Amid the scene, the underground bar offers lavish cocktail choices from old school favourites such as Sours Maize, to new creations like Queen Marmalade. If those names don’t entertain you, the baristas are keen to accept personal requests – if, you have any cocktail mix in mind.

And to round up the night, it’s always right to end the night with a filled stomach. In this case, an innovative bar food selections like Wonton Lasagna and Tuna Tartare. On the heftier side, there’s Bulgogi Fried Rice and more selections that are ready to delight you.

As the night gets darker, more crowds are flocking in to enjoy the occasional gigs with a few drinks and close friends in tow. For it is the idea of being spoiled with all things necessary: dine, drinks, dance, and all that jazz that would be enough to assure you before surrendering into the night.