21st May 2014
The presence of Animo bakery in Kemang shows that one can never have enough of freshly baked pastries.

Following after the boom of coffee culture in Jakarta, a new wave is beginning to form – “pastry culture”. It’s not hard to spot them blossoming around the city like wild flowers in the spring. Still, it is a welcomed one for one can probably never have enough of freshly baked pastries.

Located in Kemang, Animo might not have the luxury of space, but the open kitchen gives the impression of spaciousness. Not to mention that delicious aroma of freshly baked pastry are able to waft around the café freely. Friendly staffs in clean chef uniforms shuffle around quietly in the kitchen, providing a strange therapeutic view for those who visit this café alone.

A look at the selections reveals that Animo is a crowd pleaser. There are plenty of familiar and popular choices of croissant, danish, quiche and cakes. But perhaps to appeal more to its Asian customers, the establishment also offers flavours popular among the Asians, such as green tea and red bean.

This is the kind of café where one is not pressured to know how to pronounce the names of pastry correctly or to keep up a posh appearance while nibbling at one. Animo is quite possibly one of the most laidback bakeries in South Jakarta. And that itself is already a breath of fresh air.