Ciao, Ziato Gelato!

by Pingkan Palilingan
21st March 2018
A welcoming refuge in South Kemang, both classic and offbeat flavours like Ubi Cilembu are on offer in Ziato Gelato to counter the city's constant heat.

“Let’s meet over a cup of coffee” is heard more often than “meet up over gelato”. That will soon change thanks to the rise of gelateria in the city of Jakarta. Enter Ziato Gelato, a gelateria that is located in Kemang, which serves as a sure-fire fix to the city’s constant heat.

Perched on the second floor of LEKAT boutique, Ziato offers more than 30 flavours of gelato and sorbet without artificial colouring and flavouring. Gelato by its nature is milkier and served at a higher temperature than ice cream, which yields to a more intense flavour than the average ice cream.

Take for instance Ziato’s classic staple such as pistachio that comes with a strong nutty flavour. Or cappuccino, that features a strong kick of espresso. If you’re up for something rather offbeat, there are also seasonal options such as Guava Sorbetto and Ubi Cilembu (sweet potato) that are sought-after by customers.

Once you’re hungry for something more substantial, there’s no need to leave the establishment because Ziato offers savoury dishes as well. Have a go at their pasta and panini (Italian sandwiches), or tortilla to share with a group of friends. However, if you’re main aim is well, dessert, the fluffy Monkey Bread (cinnamon bun paired with a scoop of gelato of your choice) is, without a doubt, a delicious affair.

With its convenient location that is right next to South Kemang’s shopping arcade, this gelateria attracts various types of patrons. Families, school kids and young professionals often find refuge in Ziato’s thick-with-flavour gelati, especially during those sweltering afternoons. It’s about time we welcome a new protagonist in the let’s-meet-over catchphrase: gelato.