Just Around the YellowKorner

by Pingkan Palilingan
5th May 2015
YellowKorner redefines the act of art collecting from an extravagant kind of activity into something more accessible for all.

Art collecting, in general, has always been considered a lavish hobby only to satisfy a handful of people. This notion then propelled duo Alexandre de Metz and Paul-Antoine Briat in the creation of YellowKorner, a photograph gallery and store. The duo, photography aficionados, initiated a concept to make photography artworks more affordable through YellowKorner.

Since 2006, YellowKorner has opened its gallery across the world. And now, after nine years, the gallery has found its latest home in Jakarta where it resides quietly in one corner within Pacific Place Mall. The gallery is a compact monochromatic-themed space, overpopulated with neatly displayed photography prints on every inch of the wall the room has.

Here, one can discover curated prints from the most renowned photographers (American photojournalist Dorothea Lange, French director Yann Arthus-Bertrand and 19th century Japanese photographer Kusakabe Kimbei) to those who have just gained fame lately. With a various amount of photographers, the prints cover a broad spectrum as well: nature, urban, sports, fashion, travel, and so on.

The photographs are printed in limited amount and, better yet, most aren’t available anywhere else outside YellowKorner. One can have the option to purchase the prints (with varying sizes to choose from) at the store or – if the imposing amount of displayed prints are too dizzying for one – have the convenience to purchase them online.

For many times, photographers aren’t given the proper copyright they deserve for such labour they went through in producing a stellar work of art. And YellowKorner is here; it exists as an ode to promising photographers around the world whose works are often underappreciated or even overlooked. In a country with citizens who have meagre knowledge about copyrights, YellowKorner educates Jakarta’s society by means of selling quality artworks with a friendly price.