Here for Work Coffee

by Julius Kensan
27th February 2018
Work Coffee offers an inviting scenario to be in especially when you’re faced with the dreadful traffic in Pangeran Antasari Street.

It is very unlikely for one to think of Pangeran Antasari Street when it comes to coffee shop. But once you’ve been to Work Coffee, it’s impossible to consider anywhere else but the latter when you’re in the said street and in need of coffee. But it’s not as if Work Coffee is grabbing passerby with loud and conspicuous signage. In fact, it’s lodged in a corner and unassuming.

There’s that element of surprise once you step in. The space is not as small as it appears to be from the outside. The establishment is segmented into various corners to accommodate different customers. There’s the lounge area near the coffee counter and the cosy mezzanine above where a group of undergrads prefer to hole up.

In another adjoining room, the communal table gives off the vibe of a coworking space and backdropped with panels of colourful old wooden doors on the wall. As a matter of fact, the entire interior of Work Coffee is filled with furniture repurposed from old and unused woods, even the present-day looking ones. A nice touch, given that the space was once a woodworking workshop. The mismatch of aesthetic between the new and old, though unintentional, is all part of the charm.

Whether you’re here for a short refuge or long stay, Work Coffee works either way. Coffee wise, the establishment serves customary choices with their own blend as well as manual brews with a variety of single origin coffee from the Motherland.

But if you have the time to spare and feeling a little peckish at the same time, the establishment got it covered with their hearty fare. Place your order on options like “Nasi Goreng Sambal Hijau” or “Nasi Dori Sambal Matah” and take your seat in another corner that resembles a tight living room, which encourages you to take it slow.

For those who regularly face the frustrating traffic in Pangeran Antasari, sipping a glass of ice latte in Work Coffee is an ideal alternative scenario to be in. After all, why get trapped in the congestion when you can wait for it to untangle and complete a few tasks from work while you’re at it.