Watts Your Coffee?

by Pingkan Palilingan
6th February 2015
Figure out your flavour in this steampunk-themed safe house, which serves coffee for your refuge. Watt Coffee is the place to be in Kwitang.

When somebody mentions Kwitang, we all know how it‘s been long nominated as a book paradise. However, up until a while ago, book hunters in Kwitang had no options but to delay their gratification of revelling in what they just gathered. Why? Because there weren’t any decent spots around the area where one could just lay back and consume the entire book’s content, undisturbed. This is where Watt Coffee comes in; for its presence brings the answer to the long-running problem.

Located at the bustling road of Kwitang Raya, Watt Coffee resembles a safe house where it snugs comfortably behind a spacious parking lot – hidden safely from curious pedestrians and passing cars. Once  in, guests are transported into a compact shelter which boasts an industrial interior. There’s nothing new to industrial-themed café, however Watt has played it well by adding a touch of steampunk fit-outs to the establishment. Light bulbs, pipes, and barometers are common feasts to customers’ eyes.

Watt features a selection of coffee sourced from Tanamera’s beans, alongside with some of their homemade savoury such as pies and quiches. Bookworms can snuggle into a squashy denim couch while enjoying a sip of Watt’s LOL (Lemon of Life), that would definitely keep them from dozing off (hence, the name) till the last chapter of the book. Those who forget their novels, lucky for you, for owner Alfred Agus has set out a small library with various titles to choose from.

So if you’ve been longing to hunt down a couple of decent books in Kwitang, now’s the right time. Once acquiring what you want, hurry yourself to Watt, grab a coffee, pick a cosy spot, and unleash your inner bookworm. Don’t worry, we won’t judge.