Watt’s Brewing?

by Gana Adi
12th April 2016
A year after the opening of its first branch in Kwitang, Watt Coffee has secured a new home in South Jakarta, serving up quick caffeine fix with equally delectable pizza.

Residents around Kemang vicinity may think that they are welcoming a new player in the third wave coffee scene, but Watt Coffee is hardly a newbie in the coffee business. After establishing their presence in central of Jakarta, the establishment has decided to venture down south with a bigger space in the strip of Bangka Raya, South Jakarta.

Tucked in a quiet corner of Promenade 20 building, Watt Coffee did not deviate much from its predecessor. Once in, loyal customers of Watt will be able to notice the familiar industrial-inspired interior that comes with quirky details of light bulbs and pipes. The large space means it could accommodate more people too. Those who come with company, usually for casual business meetings or friendly reunions, could find themselves easily settling over at the large communal table by the window, where a dash of greenery serves as backdrop. Still, there are also plenty of corners for one to savour a few hours of solitude, like the counter seats facing out or the al-fresco seats by the terrace.

Of course, the spotlight still belongs to the coffee. Other than beans from Tanamera and Coffee Smith, Watt, a micro-roastery themselves, also boasts their own roasted beans as well. The latter is a fact that not many people are acquainted with yet. That’s why owner Alfred Agus is establishing the original Kwitang branch largely as a roastery cum coffee joint. Watt currently features five varieties of their own house-blend for the establishment’s espresso-based menu. One of those five, which is exclusively only available in Bangka branch, is yet to be revealed, giving you an extra push to stop by their new home.

If you’re looking to line your stomach before gulping down coffee, Watt offers brief yet decent list of bites. It is recommended to opt for their delectable pizza, which is also big enough to share with your mates. Altogether, Watt Coffee is as electrifying as the name implied and the establishment easily provides a quick refuge for those yearning for their daily caffeine fix.