Waffles of Comfort at Miss Maple Waffle

by Pingkan Palilingan
13th September 2016
Miss Maple Waffle dishes up delicious waffles that are suitable for any time of the day. Add to that its homelike setting and secluded space, you’ll be glad you have found this waffle place.

No matter how long you have lived in Kemang, there’s still a lot to discover in this neighbourhood. Go down its main streets, you’d witness new places springing up every now and then. Go down its narrow streets, you’d come across a few places you don’t even know exist but have actually been there all this time.

Imagine the surprise when residents in the vicinity discover Miss Maple Waffle. Small and unassuming, Miss Maple’s presence is without much fanfare in Kemang, where it occupies a compact space in a house that is completed with a spacious lawn, verdant plants and a flock of chickens clucking about. Sounds like a place of retreat to have your waffle in peace.

Despite its pocket-size space, options abound at Miss Waffle. From the sweet line-up, there’s the healthy Fresh Fruit Waffle that pairs waffle and yogurt – an unlikely combination that people would find unusual here in Jakarta, but to which Miss Waffle has successfully accomplished.

If you’re coming with a peckish tummy by any chance, the Wagyu Steak Waffle, replete with sunny side-up and hash brown, will provide maximum comfort to your angry stomach. The Cheese Waffle is also tempting, where it is anointed heavily with cheese sauce and sprinkled with delicious bacon bits. Having a difficulty to land your choice? You can always go back to the classic plain waffle with maple syrup and melted butter, which would please you just the same.

Amidst the many creations people have experimented on waffle, Miss Maple dishes up this oft-misrepresented treat in its most genuine way. Be it for breakfast to kick off the day, lunch (one Wagyu Steak Waffle coming right up), or afternoon nibbles, you’ll find all these waffles fit for any time of the day. You’ll be glad you have stumbled upon Miss Maple.