Under the Shades of Treeangelo

by Julius Kensan
20th April 2014
Treeangelo Cafe focuses on establishing a community spot for young adults under its "shades" and away from the chaotic street.

It is a challenge to find a less-crowded spot, let alone a quiet one, in Kemang. It’s just hard to convince yourself that you had a good time when one has to shout in order to converse.

Located in Kemang, Treeangelo Café can be pretty hard to spot but that’s not because they’re located in some small chi-chi alley. As the name suggest, you have to look up instead for the café is located on a third floor of an office building.

Treeangelo aims at establishing itself as a community spot for the young adults. This is why the menu zeroes in on familiar east meets west fusion fare that appeals to the latter. The counter also opens for anyone who wants to try their hand at making their own cup of coffee. Coffee enthusiasts are very much welcome to bring their own coffee beans here and fix a cuppa coffee using their machine.

Though the cafe can be bustling during the weekend, it is quiet and hushed on weekdays, which makes it an ideal spot for a, say, project discussion or meeting.

Still, the most gratifying experience to get out of this establishment is to sit by the glass wall panels that allow one to peer out into the chaotic street below – minus the dreaded racket, and get lost in your own thoughts as the hours pass by.