There’s Always Time to Play

by Pingkan Palilingan
20th March 2015
The Playroom injects fun in an easy vibe, and thus livening up the happening district of Pantai Indah Kapuk.

There is no doubt that Pantai Indah Kapuk houses some of the best food in town. And now, the area oozes more fun owing to the arrival of The Playroom. Surely, parents must note that Playroom is not for kids. Don’t be fooled by the cheery and pastel-smothered signage of Playroom, for it seems to belie what lies inside the place.

Steampunk has never received a serious treatment before like it does at Playroom. Black leather chesterfields leaning on red brick walls are witnesses to tired souls, while a copper zeppelin or two are looming above, constantly on guard for drunken patrons. Playroom stretches across two floors, but the top floor opens only on weekends (or when it is full house).

On the far end of the roomy area, a billiard table beckons to almost childlike adults, telling them to unwind. Apart from billiard, one’s stress will seem to diminish in each throw at the Phoenix dart machines. For the fearless, we suggest to stay around pass their curfew because at Playroom, beer pong table is usually set up at night.

Food options are pretty much straightforward but still leaving traces of amusements. Domino, baked champignon and pepperoni with mozzarella, is great a nibble in the middle of dart competition against your frenemy. To recharge your energy, Kungfu Panda – fetuccini a la Carbonara with pork belly – is Playroom’s greatest invention and reassuringly filling.

Lastly, lychee lemonade mocktail is that one friend that always keeps you sober but if you’re in the devil-may-care mood, Playroom has a wide selection of cocktails and beers. Note to self, though, after guzzling down those good cocktails make sure you aim the dart right, however desperately you want to aim it at your frenemy.