The Pride of Tanamera

by Rachel Saputro
3rd February 2014
Indonesia coffee beans has found a fervent advocate in Tanamera Coffee & Roastery.

Indonesia is culturally diverse, beautifully united. Our world quality coffee beans just give us another reason to boast.

Tanamera owner, Dini Aryani Criddle, takes pride in being an Indonesian. When coming across Indonesian coffee beans in a coffee shop overseas, she pondered why our local beans aren’t being used to its maximum potential here at home. Thus, the idea for Tanamera Coffee Roastery was born – a specialty coffee shop that highlights local beans.

Tanamera sells coffee beans whose source stretches all across the Indonesian archipelago. Their catalog lists beans titled by the area which they are picked from – “Papua Wamena”, “Toraja Sapan”, “Flores”, and “Aceh Gayo” to name a few. An interesting choice for those who don’t drink coffee, is the Red Latte, made from beetroot extract.

Step into the café and you’ll notice a poster that reads “Support Indonesian Baristas!”. Tanamera is home to skilled barista Muhammad Aga, first runner up at Indonesia Barista Competition 2014. Feel free to strike up a casual chat with those behind the counter – you’re likely to learn something new each time.

Aside from coffee, Tanamera serves lights bites & pastries to complement your drink. From “Banana Caramel” to “Bread Pudding” these are great to nibble on while catching up with friends, or getting some work done.

Western cafés take such pride in serving Indonesian coffee beans – yet strangely those same attitudes aren’t reflected within our own country. The minds behind Tanamera are doing Indonesia a great justice by uplifting our local coffee culture.