Take a Break at Maarkeze

by Julius Kensan
18th October 2016
Powered by Ombé Kofie, Maarkeze is a quiet spot at Central Department Store in Grand Indonesia where you could take a break from shopping and enjoy your cup of coffee first.

Shopping is definitely a pleasurable activity, but as a seasoned shopper would attest, it also requires a good deal of energy, both mentally and physically. The presence of Maarkeze, a compact coffee shop lodged at one end of men’s floor in Central Department Store at Grand Indonesia may seem odd at first glance. Still, it makes sense. Why can’t you take a coffee break before deciding whether to fish out your credit card for the outfit that you’ve been eyeing?

Even though located in a department store, Maarkeze would rather you take your time here. And that thought is reflected in their menu, where it features hearty fares, such as Chicken Avocado Crostini and Beef Lettuce Tomato sandwich. With coffee provided by the popular Ombé Kofie, it feels appropriate to opt for strong dose of caffeine with espresso, especially on a sleepy afternoon.

Taking its cue from America in the 1940s, Maarkeze is presented as if you’re entering a casual gentlemen’s club. The tanned leather sofa seals that impression. Though compact, the absence of walls and partition effectively opens up the space. Sometimes, it feels as if you’re in a transparent aquarium, watching people going about with their shopping as you enjoy your cup of joe.

But ladies shouldn’t feel left out. Being situated on a men’s floor doesn’t mean Maarkeze is reserved exclusively for men. In addition, this coffee shop also serves cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen, resulting in a taste that’s both smooth and creamy. Clearly, it’s a ladies’ favourite in Maarkeze.

It’s easy to lose track of time in Maarkeze especially when the spot is removed from the crowd. Regardless, that cup of coffee may just help you make up your mind on that outfit you’ve been pondering on.