Surfing with Nalu Bowls

by Pingkan Palilingan
11th October 2016
Nalu Bowls brings a piece of Bali in Jakarta with its healthy, visually pleasing smoothie bowl that is as delicious as it looks.

In today’s culture where delicious food just doesn’t cut it anymore if it’s not visually pleasing, the colourful, good-looking smoothie bowl that tastes just as dreamy as it looks, easily steals the spotlight. But that doesn’t mean smoothie bowl is a mere marketing gimmick. Just ask Nalu Bowls and they would attest to it.

First established in Seminyak, Bali, Nalu Bowls is the go-to destination for hearty smoothie bowls on the island. When the news came in that Nalu Bowls opens in Jakarta, it didn’t take a second for Jakartans to flock the place.

Snuggled beside Sunset Limited in Kemang Timur, Nalu Bowls sheds a light on the taste of this authentic, refreshing beach delicacy to Jakartans. Though Kemang is obviously a landlocked area, Nalu brings the beach vibe all right with its crisp white furniture and sea-themed interior. The centre of attention? Of course the “bowl bar” where the magic happens.

Founded by three friends who share the same passion in surfing and beach, all Nalu’s (which translates to “wave” in Hawaiian) menu is named after their favourite waves. First-timer in Nalu is recommended to try Maverick. Named after a surfing spot just off the coast in California, Maverick Bowl is a delicious acai bowl (imported from Brazil) topped with an arrangement of crunchy granola and locally sourced fruits (banana, strawberries), coconut flakes and honey.

There’s also a few other choices such as Uluwatu (dragon fruit bowl) and Teahupo’o (superfood bowl); but the protein-packed J-Bay, which is essentially a peanut butter bowl with soymilk, banana and honey, is a popular among gym rats. Whatever your pick, every bowl shouts “healthy” out loud, equally delicious, and is easy on the eyes too.

It’s quite a stretch for healthy food seekers to eat their way in and around Jakarta. Whatever reason that has been holding you back from eating healthy, Nalu Bowls would definitely make the challenge to eat healthy a breeze.