Loco A-go-go at Super Loco

by Julius Kensan
9th March 2017
Super Loco provides a brief crash course on Mexican food with their delish offerings, matched with bright interior that lifts up the mood.

Those who aren’t acquainted with Mexican food may be expecting dishes like enchiladas with cheese along chilli sauce covered with minced beef. But, the latter belongs to Tex-Mex, a type of food altogether that is very different from the original Mexican cuisine.

In Super Loco, the establishment focuses on authentic Mexican food with a twist to keep things fresh and interesting. Needless to say, food here are best savoured with the company of friends. One can’t miss their Tostaditas that include toppings like Mexican truffle & wild mushroom or the sweet blue swimmer crab.

While beef is considered a rarity in Mexican cuisine, Super Loco is not afraid to switch things up a little with their menu. Equally delish is their Carne Asada, marinated Angus rib eye served with Mexican truffle juice.

And when contemplating on Mexican food, one definitely can’t forget Tequila. Rest assured, good Tequila is supposed to be light and go down smoothly, unlike those that burn your mouth and throat at wild birthday parties. Super Loco takes their Tequila seriously that diners are presented with the choice of aged Tequila (up to 18 years), but if you’re unsure, just ask the server for recommendation. If not, their Sangria Loco is a great way to kick things off.

Inside, the wall is decorated with high arch, containing bright murals within it, where delicate plants are juxtaposed with colourful geometric shapes. The space in Super Loco is limited to only a few booths, tables and seats by the bar. Which means it is regularly packed with diners, be it day or night. And that works for those who enjoy close-knit company, even if it’s coming from strangers at nearby tables.

During peak hours, the entire establishment is swarmed with fuzzy chatters and warm atmosphere. It is also the ideal time to order a couple of their house cocktails and chow down on Totopos (crispy yellow corn chips) alongside various dips (Salsa RojaGucamole or Spicy Pina Salsa) while delighting in the latest tittle-tattle.

The presence of Mexican food in Jakarta can be counted with the fingers on your hands. And no doubt the awareness of Mexican cuisine in Jakarta is limited, where it is still often confused with Tex-Mex. But if there’s any good place to start, Super Loco is it.