The State of Vietopia

by Julius Kensan
28th May 2014
Vietopia's familiar Vietnamese dishes give fans of the latter in Jakarta reasons to rejoice.

Even though Jakarta is home to numerous “overseas-inspired” restaurants, finding a decent Vietnamese eatery alone is a straight up daunting task. Located in Menteng, Vietopia is lodged in one of the row of old colonial stores along the strip of Cikini Raya Street. It’s easy to miss Vietopia – almost every establishment’s façade around it appears the same, but it’s distinguishable red door helps sifting it out from the rest.

Fans of Vietnamese food will find comfort in Vietopia’s menu. The establishment is not trying to change one’s expectation of Vietnamese dishes but rather sticking to the formula with what the latter is best known for, Vietnamese Pho. There is also the poster child of Vietnamese cuisine, fresh spring rolls in the mix.

But diners who are looking for a heavier meal are able to opt for their rice dishes that come in chicken or beef with different ways of preparation. Don’t miss out the chance to try Vietopia’s Vietnamese coffee, especially with condensed milk. It looks sinful but taste even better.

Though there is nothing to shout about when it comes to its interior, Vietopia is entirely covered in cream palette that reminisces the old colonial times. Perhaps owing to that fact, the sunlight that reaches into the establishment always manage to give off the warm and unhurried atmosphere, even when the sun is harsh and unforgiving.