Soupanova Ecosky’s Up Above Hideout

by Pingkan Palilingan
27th April 2015
Soupanova Ecosky presents an equally riveting alternative to spend a nighttime far from the city, while simultaneously still gazing at one from high above.

2015, apparently, is the golden year where rooftop bar rules. There are two strong possible reasons behind this. First, it features a respite from the hermetic energy the towering city buildings stirred up. Second, humans need to hang their heads in the open space to be able to think clearly.

Soupanova Ecosky scores them all; owing to the fact that it is seated on the 23rd floor of a building at TB Simatupang, which yields a sweeping spectacle of the cityscape. The restaurant is divided into two areas. The outdoor features a dance floor in the midst of a tropical garden, while on the other side levelled seating area provides a quaint hideout against a tall concrete wall that are covered in washed-out murals. The worn-out motley collection of chairs, dining tables, and vintage lamps reminds one of a distinctive setting – as if one is dining in a peculiar dilapidated building.

The restaurant offers a concise selection of menu that leans heavily towards German fare, a suitable place to get your grilled sausage cravings fixed. If you’re not much of a bratwurst fan, you can always opt for their Indonesian menu. The drinks offered are rather plenty on the alcoholic side: vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, cognac, and also a wine list from various countries such as Italy and Chile.

Unlike most rooftop bars, Soupanova Ecosky wanders off from the central of Jakarta, as it is located at one of the long strips of TB Simatupang Street. Therefore, it provides an alternative for those who’re looking to spend a nighttime far from the city, while at the same time, still gazing at one from high above.