SNCTRY: Healthy Treatment Made Fun

by Pingkan Palilingan
4th July 2015
SNCTRY healthy bar, the latest addition to Pelaspas Building in the neighbourhood of Dharmawangsa, shows that healthy food fares can be made fun and delectable.

Amid the popularity of healthy living today, finding the right place that accommodates  the said lifestyle is still considerably hard for one. Surely, there are gyms here and there, but ask about “where’s the closest healthy bar” to anyone and you’d likely seeing them pulling off a puzzled expression.

SNCTRY, a condensed word for Sanctuary, is among the first that plants the concept of healthy bar in Jakarta. Lodged in Pelaspas Building (that also houses Butfirst Coffee) in Dharmawangsa, this bar is a jovial addition to the surrounding high-end neighbourhood.

You don’t have to be a vegetarian, vegan or yogi to make sense of this place. Once stepping into SNCTRY, the air is so welcoming and relaxed that you wouldn’t worry a bit if it’s your first time hearing the word chia or camu camu. Plus, owner Qonita is a familiar face you’d see around so often. She’ll be ready to answer should you need healthy food 101.

SNCTRY is the kind of place that really lives up to its own belief. Not only the menu is meticulously thought out, the basic ingredients are too because SNCTRY grows the ingredients in their own farm. Thus, you’ll get that sense of safety (and content) the moment you land a bite on their healthy fares. Super food bowls are the perfect options to add a guilt-free kick of energy to your morning. As for lunch, opt for their salads – the popular Japanese salad will bring your lunch to the next level.

Though compact in size, you’ll be amazed at the capacity this place yields. One can either choose to sit on a counter while watching Qonita whipping up a delicious Almond Chocolate Bowl, or on the outdoor counter seats if one needs the solitude to finish a book with the sole company of a green smoothie.

Knowing that SNCTRY takes the green commitment further to their interior (where everything is made from recycled material) is like getting an assurance that one will be taken care of in this place. Forget those guilt-ridden breakfast; SNCTRY is the evidence that healthy living can be made fun and delectable.