Welcoming the Sisterfields

by Erdira Wirengjurit
16th March 2018
The Bali-based Sisterfields has finally reached Jakarta’s shore, bringing an all-day brunch menu with a handful of new additions that are exclusive only for the city.

The Bali-based brunch establishment Sisterfields has finally arrived in Jakarta. Choosing its home at PIK Avenue Mall, Sisterfields is committed to bringing some of the island vibes to Pantai Indah Kapuk.

Despite being well known for promoting Australian brunch culture to Bali, the new Sisterfields serves up more than just all-day brunch to Jakartans, but also lunch and dinner meals to fulfil any appetite, all day long. In this establishment, dinner has never tasted so good in the morning, and breakfast for dinner sounds just as enticing.

Each and every dish on the menu is created by the same Head Chef from Sisterfields Bali. Anyone who is a breakfast-for-anytime type can easily find indulgence in Sisterfields’ Eggs Benedict and Pancakes & Red Berries that is elevated with strawberry compote, almond matcha granola, raspberry sorbet topped with dollops of white chocolate cream. For lunch options, look no further than their appetising Sisterfields Dirty Burger or Chili Prawn & XO Fried Rice (special to Jakarta’s menu) that is garnished with a special wasabi-like Indonesian sambal hijau. What’s more, once the night sets in, the cocktails will start flowing.

Those who know Sisterfields well would find joy in finding the resemblance between the new establishment and its Bali HQ. The space is as modern as it is casually classy, with marble countertops and clean-cut wooden panels. However, the sleek interior and gourmet food shouldn’t throw you off from Sisterfields’ relaxed vibes. Although the fact that it is located in the mall might pressure one into dressing up just to dine here, patrons still come as casual as they are, even if it means coming with short pants and tee. After all, time spent in Sisterfields is about experiencing a little taste of the paradise island in Jakarta.

Sisterfields was long awaited in the city especially among those who knew about it first in Bali. For PIK residents, this addition is nothing but a blessing. For others outside of the area, it’s definitely worth the trip. You’ll easily recognise Sisterfields, it’s the one with a long line of customers waiting for a table.