by Hana Oktavia A.
6th November 2018
MONOKURO joins Gading Serpong’s F&B scene by establishing contemporary Japanese dining within its sleek, monochromatic space.

As of now, many have been enthraled by the heaps of food and beverage establishments that Gading Serpong area has to offer. However, MONOKURO is a welcome addition with an individual concept which offers visitors a tapestry of contemporary Japanese cuisine followed by an assortment of beverages to set it all off.

Located in the rows of shophouses (ruko), the newly established Japanese eatery scarcely crops up with a small-scale black ‘MNKR’ insignia on its front. The name of the establishment itself stands for its aesthetic, as the owner and chef Nico Kurniawan explains that MONOKURO is simply the Japanese rendition for the word ‘monochrome’, in which the interior essentially teems with.

In contrast to its bold monochromatic interior, the variety of contemporary Japanese cuisine are served under playful names on the menu, so perky that patrons might be intrigued to wallow in every dish simply out of curiosity.

For starters, fork over Holy Cow! Why Are You So Cold? The plate serves a fair portion of thinly sliced wagyu beef that’s been thoroughly marinated for sixty hours. Soaked in apple sauce, the potluck dish offers a hint of sour, sweet and savoury altogether. If you opt for a satiating feast, take a deep bowl of O’ My Sun and Sea. Comprised of Japanese rice, marinated salmon bathed in Teriyaki sauce and raw egg yolk to crown it, the dish is garnished elegantly with edible flowers. To finish off, you might want something Better Than Sugar Daddy! Mascarpone cheese, coffee and a drizzle of Bailey’s in a chocolatey nutshell.

With Japanese restaurants emerging in (and out of) the city, like in Tangerang, MONOKURO makes a hit by playing a modern take on Japanese cuisine. Well, seeing its captivating design and sui generis concept, it’s a nice catch to have in Gading-Serpong.