Tons of Love for Sicacilla

by Pingkan Palilingan
6th March 2015
The third wave coffee hype has finally made its imprint in Kelapa Gading. With the presence of Tons of Flour for Sicacilla, now coffee devotees have more options in north of Jakarta.

Owned by couple Erik Onggo and Yosica Pricilla, Tons of Flour for Sicacilla (TOF Sicacilla for short) was opened last month to much anticipation of a hopeful crowd. Before, Sicacilla has garnered quite an attention among Jakartans through Pricilla’s dainty tarts. Finally they decided to open up a café, to channel Pricilla’s flair for pastry and Onggo’s love for good coffee.

The whole thing about Sicacilla seems to be modest. Located within a strip of ruko (shophouses) enclosing Mall of Indonesia, one wouldn’t expect to find such café (especially a good one) sitting there. No sign that spells out the name, only a picture of wheats gracing the main window. To be sure it’s the right place, one has to peek through the window to find #tofsicacilla written besides the coffee bar.

The low-key palette of the establishment emanates a feeling that tells one to stop grumbling about work and go all carpe diem instead. The decoration is scarce, but helps turning visitors’ attention to more intriguing fit-outs: fertile air plants and vintage lamps, hanging just above their heads. Looking down, intricate honeycomb ceramics adorn the coffee bar as if complementing TOF Sicacilla’s tarts.

For breakfast, they offer simple Morning Toast, a toasted walnut and raisin loaf. But one can’t go past Pea and Chick, which touts grilled chicken, asparagus and fried egg with grated parmesan. On the lighter side, Sicacilla’s tarts are a tiny bunch of perfection. To start, try choco banana or lemon marshmallow tarts. Coffee is also taken seriously here with Onggo manning the coffee machine himself. Plus, they use Tanamera Coffee beans.

We’ve heard enough already of how more and more cafés popping up across Jakarta everyday. But this trend is somehow bound within the capital’s centre and south  – leaving out the north, east and west neighbourhood. That’s why, Sicacilla deserves to be called as a pioneer among its surroundings.