Girlpower at Rubiaceae

by Audrey Karina
11th May 2016
Featuring an army of female baristas, Rubiaceae is currently brewing coffee in a pared down atmosphere along the bustling street of Radio Dalam.

Where can one find a specialty coffee joint with not one, but two, and up to four female baristas simultaneously, in Jakarta?

Fanny Winardi, who helms Rubiaceae Artisan Coffee (pronounced roo-bee-ya-say) had not exactly planned for an all female team, although introducing more female baristas to the local coffee scene is something she strongly champions.

Influenced by her coffee experience in Sydney and spurred by a lament for the lack of appreciation for baristas, she returned home, sidestepped the conventional route of a corporate job and started Rubiaceae where she doubled up as its barista.

Rubiaceae is a term for a family of flowering plants that encompasses coffee and was brought to mind in the midst of Fanny’s diligence in researching the scientific side of coffee. Just as its name suggests, Fanny has future plans to support a collective of creative pursuits beyond coffee, including other F&B ventures.

In the meantime though, as it joins the expanding army of specialty coffee joints in Jakarta, one presumably wonders what to expect from Rubiaceae apart from the customary choice of coffee.

Casting an eye over the menu, the answer may lie in their “special fix” – a refreshing concoction of cold brewed coffee, ginger ale, soda and vanilla syrup, that is a proud creation of Fanny’s. This sits alongside the classic list of coffee, with house blends supplied by Morph and Curious People roasters.

Extending beyond coffee, patrons can pop in for other offerings that include non-coffee beverages such as green tea latte and hot chocolate, alongside an assortment of pastries (chocolate croissant, madeleine) and tarts (matcha choux, tart aux fruits), which make for ideal pairings.

Finding quiet moments in a city known for its hustle and bustle is no easy feat. The pared down interior encourages random conversations with baristas or even with strangers. That is also another thing, which Rubiaceae aims to borrow from “The Down Under” so as to anchor itself as a comforting midday break for the coffee enthusiasts.