The No-Nonsense Quack Burgeria

By Cindy Julia Tobing
25th May 2021
Kemang's Quack Burgeria has struck a liking among crowds for its no-nonsense burgers, turning curious customers to regulars with its carefree vibe in an open-kitchen eatery.

Looking at the spurt of F&B home businesses, it’s no secret that the pandemic slump has encouraged many to put on their creative hats. One that came out of this growing enterprise is Quack Burgeria, a burger joint that kicked off from the personal kitchen of founder and head chef, Masta, to now having a humble storefront in East Kemang with a little team of apprentices who were once Quack’s regulars themselves. 

Masta, who first learned how to make burgers on YouTube, has always had an appetite for this comfort food, eventually developing his own range of taste and materialising it through Quack. To him, a good burger must be simple and well-balanced, while seasonings and sauce should not overpower the taste of the patty. 

As such, go with these expectations when visiting Quack for the lineup of playfully named burgers and hotdogs. The crowd favourite remains their first menu, Quackburger, a classic beef patty with bacon and cheddar slice, which you can double down or change up the buns with brioche. For the downright famished, choose the Big Ol Quack that is loaded with two big patties, two long-staple bacon, four cheddar slices, a sunny side up and Quackfries on the side. Or try the Hot Duck, a classic hotdog with jalapeno pickle, drizzled in ketchup and mustard.

Seeing that customers would flock to Quack’s petite, bar-style shop – especially on the weekends – burgers here must have found just the right flavour to strike a liking among some crowds. Not to mention Quack’s atmosphere that is kept close-knit and informal, as Masta and his apprentices have made a habit of conversing with guests from their open kitchen, which in turn has turned the curious into regulars. 

From a one-man show to now having a bigger team with exciting plans up their sleeves, Quack Burgeria is slowly establishing itself as a burger joint that guarantees both taste and vibe. Don’t expect a fast-food rhythm in this joint – instead, go with the carefree flow, make some friends and have a quacking good time with your smashing buns.