Brunch Session at Port Five Six

by Sandy Indahsari
10th April 2017
Teaming up with the winner of Masterchef Indonesia, William Gozali as their food consultant, Port Five Six is the place to be if you like your brunch at any time of the day.

Although located on the second floor with a clear view of the boulevard, the entrance to Port Five Six requires a little more observation as it’s through the side of the building. The hideaway quality is further established with its interior: bare concrete walls and wooden finishing with a tinge of industrial elements, where there are plenty of spots and corners for one to get comfy.

Combining the influences of Australian, Japanese and Indonesian cuisine, the establishment is keen to stretch your stay here with their food. With the winner of Masterchef Indonesia, William Gozali as their food consultant, one can expect a little twist that elevates the customary brunch options. To wit, Pork Five Six boasts tender and well-marinated pork belly served with scrumptious sides that won’t leave you hanging. Another quirky option, watermelon calamari salad is paired with coconut sesame dressing that bursts with flavours. And thankfully, what you won’t find here is silly, minuscule-sized portion.

Working with Morph Coffee roaster, Port Five Six has their own unique house blend of 70% aceh and 30% aromanis. Their coffee lies on the more acidic side and that’s just how the way they like it. Coming in with significant other or solo, Port Five Six caters to everyone’s need. Working on your laptop in a snug corner or catching up with old friends over cendol croissant on comfy beanbags can’t be more relaxing. And to those who are here with a bigger party can place themselves in their communal table overlooking the space that is filled with natural light.

Whether it’s after work coffee or quality time with family over weekend brunch after church, Port Five Six easily fits the bill.