Our New Home Mate

by Pingkan Palilingan
13th October 2016
The newest member of Pelaspas Building, Home Mate, has the best cure to tackle the summer heat with their huge serving of Japanese style shaved ice.

The Dharmawangsa-based Pelaspas Building can be likened to a house that is shared by a few residents, each with their unique personality. To mention a few, there’s the cool and easy-going coffee shop, Butfirst; the chirpy healthy bar, Snctry; and the stylish bao and cocktail joint, Bao Ji. Last but not least is Home Mate, the breezy, newest member of the house.

First originated in Bali, Home Mate is a brunch spot and lifestyle concept store that features locally-made food products and home wares. But it’s a whole different concept when it comes to its newest sibling in Jakarta. Serving only Japanese style shaved ice or “kakigori”, the first Home Mate branch in Jakarta is straightforward, diminutive and welcoming. All aspects of their space, which resembles a kitchenette, evoke a sense of familiarity; once in, you’d feel as if visiting a best friend’s kitchen, and there’s this assurance that they would treat you to something good.

And yes they would. Home Mate’s kakigori is a sweet and colourful cold delight that’s able to cure your most sombre day of the week. Even with only six types of flavours on the menu, it’s still hard to take your pick. The sourly electrifying Tropical Electro Yuzu or the Blue Moon Lychee Mint with its captivating bluish hue? Or perhaps the bittersweet Matcha Sakura? Each kakigori is so huge you would need a helping hand (or in this case, mouth) to polish off the whole bowl.

And while you’re at it, it’s impossible to ignore their handsome kakigori bowl that is just one out of many other desirable home wares that are showcased in Home Mate. There’s a cabinet with kitchen essentials for sale: locally-made dainty crockery, wooden kitchen tools and Home Mate’s homemade jams (milk, apple butter, pear vanilla and snake fruit). Although the amount of goods are considerably limited, one would get the sense that the selections are carefully selected from their flagship store in Bali.

All in all, Home Mate is an exciting addition to the already diverse residents of Pelaspas. It is then mandatory for one to go back time and again in order to relish what all of the residents of Pelaspas have to offer.