ORCA: Something to Write Home About

by Julius Kensan
19th April 2014
ORCA promotes writing as a form of culture with notebooks made of understated design, distinct cover and quality paper.

It is somewhat inconceivable to think that handwriting is heading towards the direction of a dying art thanks to technological invention such as smartphones and tablet computers. There’s no denying that typing down words in a computer is a much faster affair than writing it down. Still, handwriting presents more flexible possibilities – doodling, doing a quick sketch and drawing a graph, while taking down notes at the same time.

ORCA – founded by Ian Mandagie, Btari Wulan, Kelvin Bong and Michael Noortjahjo, believes that writing is a form of culture that can be gratifying especially when it is jotted down in a quality medium – beautiful design, distinct cover and quality paper. As a result, ORCA’s notebooks carry understated design without sacrificing practicality.

Good thing is, there is no need to crack your brain in deciding which products to choose from yet. Currently, ORCA notebooks come in two choices of elegant suede and wool cover in different sizes and subtle colours.

Still the best part is being aware that you’re participating in MAKE A MOVE movement. The latter is a charity initiated by ORCA where a notebook will be donated to a needy student for every purchase of ORCA notebook. Orca’s website is currently undergoing maintenance, but those who are interested are able to place an order by dropping an email to contact@theorcabooks.com.