The New Favourite: Wu Jang Gun

Tom Kosenda
7th October 2014
With meats that are packed with serious flavours and side dishes that filled up your entire table, Wu Jang Gun is hell-bent on delivering three things: service, quantity and quality.

Smacked among other well-liked Korean establishments, Wu Jang Gun is a newcomer that will soon find itself a popular spot for Korean cuisine fans in just a matter of time.

This two-storey restaurant is adorned with simple décor and wooden furnishings. With a mini garden at the back of the establishment, light permeates generously into the dining area during the day.

For those who are expecting both quality and quantity lets not forget that it comes with a price, a little more than usual but what is guaranteed is what counts. To start, get ready to be greeted with plates of side dish that will occupy your entire table in no time.

For the mains, Wu Jang Gun serves the popular Korean grilled beef dishes such as the Yangnyeom Galbi (short beef ribs) – juicy and beautifully spiced meat packed with flavours. To complement the grilled meats, it is highly recommended to try their Ox Bone Soup and Stir-Fried Squid. Fortunately, those who eat halal shouldn’t feel left out for the establishment do not serve any pork. But for the guys on the other side of things, don’t be disappointed as the specially prepared beef will more than make up for it.

The competition in Wolter Monginsidi Street might be high for Korean restaurants but three things that are definitely guaranteed in this humble establishment: service, quantity and quality.