Monstore Opens in Kota Kasablanka

by Pingkan Palilingan
10th February 2015
To kick-start 2015, Monstore moves their flagship store to Mall Kota Kasablanka; a decision that's quite unheralded to come.

After calling Kemang home for a couple of years, Monstore has officially hauled itself a few good miles away to Kota Kasablanka Mall. However, Monstore’s new establishment has definitely attracted more patrons than that of its former store in Kemang. Where else could it be easily noticed than in a mall, a place that hosts hundreds (if not, thousands) of human traffic every single day?

Nestled in-between a sportswear and bag store in the mall, Monstore doesn’t need an extra effort to distinguish itself from its neighbours. The fact that it’s a firm believer of neon sign –  aglow in red, is a sign reads ‘All I Need is You & New Stuffs” –  comes in very handy in inviting passer-by to come and check up what the store has to offer.

When it comes to clothing, Monstore is still keeping it real. Expect yourself to see basic-based clothing with offbeat handrawn illustrations that will no doubt strike a chord among young audience. Added to the mix is a local shoe label, HaveHad, that would surely go well with anything from the clothing rack.

Young adults who are into daring and bold clothing will do well to depend on Monstore. While the reasons behind its moving has yet to be unveiled, it was undoubtedly a spot on decision to take.