Machete, The Jolly Mexican in Town

by Pingkan Palilingan
8th July 2015
Machete's ‘Latino Truckqueria’ brings out the best out of Mexican/Latin chow through its rolling food truck. Straightforward, fun and messy, it's easily the new favourite in town.

Mexican/Latin American cuisine is by no means a novelty to Jakartans now. No need a food expert to reveal the theories behind Mexican/Latin food – as long as there’s rice and perfectly grilled beef that are thrown into a lavish mix of spicy sauce, Indonesians will surely fall in love with the said cuisine.

Billing itself as a ‘Latino Truckqueria’, Machete introduces Mexican, Latin and Caribbean cuisine in a street food way by peddling through their iconic food truck. It’s a casual and fun – in an unpretentious way – alternative to most established Mexican/Latin restaurants that often aim their tacos towards the upmarket class in Jakarta.

Machete is living up to ‘the more simple, the more likable’ saying that underlies the street food know-hows. Take their burrito bowl for instance, a messy pile of aromatic cilantro lime rice at the bottom, topped with condiments from fresh salsa (Mexican tomato-based sauce), to guacamole (avocado dip), beans and pineapple, to complement Machete’s tender meat options.

If it’s too heavy for you, a handful of taco – with similar filling as the burrito bowl – is already perfect for you to snack on. It’s rather hard to decide which one’s your favourite, but when Machete’s Caribbean-styled Cuban sandwich (with roast pork and sliced honey cured ham filling) comes in, it wins your heart straight away.

Price-wise, it’s still above what street food stalls would normally charge you. However, you’d soon understand once you chomp on Machete’s meat selections that are marinated and cooked to perfection. Some among them is succulent lengua (beef tongue), barbacoa (beef shank), roast pork, and chipotle chicken that are definitely worth the price.

All Jakarta need is a simpler, friendlier and more concise introduction to Mexican/Latin cuisine, and Machete has been successful in delivering all of them. All in all, Machete brings out the best experience out of Mexican/Latin food.