The Flavour of Locarasa

by Sandy Indahsari
24th August 2017
Klepon, Klappertaart, Es Doger and even Kecap Manis, Locarasa serves up memorable gelato along with a selection of favourite Indonesian snacks.

With heavy traffic and tropical heat, what better way to cool down than by enjoying a sweet cold treat. Locarasa, as the name suggest, brings local Indonesian flavours to the neighbourhood of Kemang, offering traditional snacks, drinks and gelato in their fun, laidback parlour.

Housed underneath Warung Pasta in Kemang Raya, Locarasa tempts patrons with familiar Indonesian traditional snacks. But the main highlight of Locarasa is their exciting selection of gelato flavours. It is responsible for 18 unique flavours made using locally sourced natural ingredients such as Tamarillo, Vanilla Flores and Durian. Other flavours worthy of shoutout are inspired by traditional Indonesian treats such as Klepon, Klappertaart, and Es Doger.

With an exciting selection of gelato, it might be difficult for one to choose which flavour to pick. The struggle is compounded even after trying out different flavours before committing to your choice. But fret not, with a price that is perfectly friendly on your wallet (only IDR 25.000 for three scoops), you won’t have to think twice about getting that second round.

Still, it’ll be a shame to miss out on their traditional snacks and drinks, such as Tahu Gejrot (spicy tofu dish), Kue Cubit and traditional coffee. Luckily, even if you’re full from all that snacks, it shouldn’t take long before you start thinking that you may just need another round of gelato.