by Julius Kensan
13th March 2014
Epilogue opens up a new chapter through an exquisite marriage between French and Indonesian cuisines.

Thanks to globalisation, cuisines are enjoying cross-pollination between two (or more) distinct countries that reside in different time zones. As a result, not only it exposes us to a new culture from a far-flung country but also a greater understanding of the food culture in our very own Motherland.

Located in Cipete Raya, it is easy to mistake Epilogue as a place of residence instead of a restaurant. But that impression continues to permeate even into the interior. You’ll be forgiven to assume that it is a living room that you’ve just stepped into. Perhaps that feeling is intended, for in Epilogue, the experience is a cross between intimate family gathering and gourmet style dining.

Noted Indonesian Chef, Sandra Djohan has extensive culinary expertise that derived from her numerous research trips to different parts of the world. Be that as it may, her main goal in Epilogue is to marry traditional French and Indonesian cuisine. So expect modern interpretation of classic French cuisine with the influence of Indonesian flavouring.

Dishes such as Red Velvet Duck Confit – twice cooked duck confit with raspberry sauce and garlic potatoes, looks entirely French but the taste hits close to home with texture and crispiness that one may expect from an Indonesian cuisine.

Though the restaurant roots itself in fusion of French-Indonesian cuisine, it’s easy to pick up several hints of Chef Djohan’s culinary knowledge from other countries. To wit, Breaded Soufflé Mushroom with Chilli Flakes Aioli carries a surprising twist with the use of Wasabi.

As such, to name the establishment Epilogue itself is a humble understatement to the work of Chef Djohan. For Epilogue is not just merely a conclusion, instead it serves as a beginning to a new chapter of Chef Djohan’s exciting culinary journey.