KURA KURA for Your Well-Being

by Erdira Wirengjurit
21st November 2018
Pace down your daily grind at the quaint and calm venue of KURA KURA in Cipete, with beautiful and well-thought-out fares for that well-deserved interlude.

Good finds are rarely exposed in plain sight. As such is KURA KURA, a small eatery tucked in Cipete where everything, from the food to the ambiance, is there to allow yourself a quaint and calm downtime before tending back to your day.

Don’t be mistaken, KURA KURA isn’t the kind of spot that will make you want to catch a midday snooze. Rather, the tiny nook is laid out in refreshing shades of green for a sheltering serenity. With only a handful of tables to compose the room and the kitchen right adjacent to it, the permeating tranquillity invites diners to settle in without the pressure from the ticking clock.

Indeed, this is the very philosophy they apply to the food they serve. Taking a detour from fast food, KURA KURA promotes well-being by cooking food from scratch. Appropriately called ‘slow food’, an actual movement in the food industry, this trend follows the idea that good food is, first and foremost, food that is sourced and prepped carefully.

To wit, build your appetite with the Arugula Watermelon salad, where tossed greens, strawberries, lemon and vinaigrette is served beneath a  crown of parmesan cheese and watermelon slices. Then, Cacio e Pepe will bring you to old Rome with its simple cheese and pepper pasta garnished with parmesan cracker. For a treat, brunch has never seemed sweeter with the Provence Lost Bread; a hearty dish of warm French toast doused in fresh berries and homemade compote. And what better way to wash these down other than their lemon and lavender Purple Infused Water.

Bear in mind that good things take time, and the wait for food is well worth it here. Thus, do yourself the kind gesture of slowing down whilst settled: use your time awaiting your meal to pace down your daily grind, converse with friends, or tend to some light work on your laptop. Alas, KURA KURA recounts the moral from the tale of The Hare and the Tortoise: “slow and steady wins the race”, and so it applies to life too when caring for one’s own well-being.