Here in KOTAKU

by Idzan A. Hasan
29th January 2018
Over at Wijaya Street, Kopi KOTAKU is a Japanese-inspired coffee shop that brews for the city and its people.

Nestled comfortably in Wijaya Street, Kopi KOTAKU is the newest addition to the area’s bustling coffee scene. Though inspired by some overtly Japanese sensibilities, Kopi KOTAKU brews out of love for city it calls home, Jakarta.

Design-wise, Kopi KOTAKU embraces a strikingly minimal look. Concrete floors, plain white walls, sleek wooden furnitures; the space embodies the simple geometric aesthetic of the shop’s logo, a square. Looking at its modest facade, one wouldn’t be able to guess that this coffee shop stretches back to fit a decently-sized meeting room and an outdoor smoking area. Their meeting room is perfect for those who are looking for a more casual meeting spot, it can even be segmented into two smaller rooms when needed.

You can rest easy when planning to meet at Kopi KOTAKU during lunch hours, they’re usually at their busiest just after dinner time. During those hours, the joint is often packed with young people looking to grab a cup of coffee and chat after they had their meals someplace else.

Coffee wise, the customary choices are on offer. But for a different experience, you can have a go at creating your own drink. Choose between an espresso or chocolate as the base, and then top it with flavours like green tea or peppermint. If you need help deciding, just ask the baristas for their recommendations to suit your own taste. Plus, ever since kopi susu (local version of ice coffee) has gotten more and more popular lately, the coffee shop also boasts their own version: Ice Daily KOTAKU.

With a namesake like “Kotaku” or “Our Town”, Kopi KOTAKU has some big shoes to fill moving forward. But judging by the regular traffic it receives, Kopi KOTAKU is well on its way to become one of the city’s coffee shops that you can rely on.