Clams, Clams and More Clams

by Raina Salim
27th August 2015
With portion that comes in kilos, Kerang Kiloan Pak Rudi's generous servings of clams and mussels are made for those who love to indulge in shellfish with a great gusto.

Seafood fare is usually best enjoyed by the beach with a glass of tropical cocktail or beer. But such scenario is unlikely in Jakarta, given the lack of scenic beach to begin with. Though there won’t be any sea breeze or coconut tree, one could still fix his/her seafood cravings at Kerang Kiloan Pak Rudi.

Like most street establishments, their menu is minimal and straightforward. Offering a selection of clams and mussels from the likes of Kerang Hijau, Kerang Kepa, Kerang Bambu (almost all of them are served either steamed or fried), they pride themselves on serving generous portions of one kilogram per dish.

Served in a big silver rice bowl, it is just the right size for sharing, which is perfect, as the mussels are best enjoyed over idle chats and casual banter.

There are different permutations of sauce to choose from. As such, repeated visits are most likely required to find the right sauce to suit your tongue. New additions to the menu feature the Mix Salty Garlic and Mix Salty Butter where your choice of clam or mussels are cooked with the said sauce, allowing for a more flavoursome dish.

If you are looking for a more filling meal, don’t fret, as they also serve rice and other interesting sides such as french fries and cheese baked potatoes.

True to their slogan Cholesterol Is Not A Crime, one can expect a greasy affair. That’s why one should always remember to pack napkins before setting foot here, as things are bound to take a deliciously messy turn.