Guilt-Free Pleasure at Epigastro

by Audrey Karina
22nd June 2016
With the convenience of a gym upstairs, the easy, informal food with a healthy twist by Epigastro makes eating healthy both indulgent and effortless.

Most of us are aware that our food choices come with health consequences. Yet, finding a healthy meal when dining out is not an easy feat, especially at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), where the popular area severely lacks in establishments that serve wholesome foods.

On the other hand, the presence of Epigastro at PIK– a restaurant dedicated in providing healthier options, with an in-house Juice Bar and Grocer – conveys a genuine concern for what goes into our bodies.

Epigastro delivers on comfort foods with a healthy twist; think spaghetti carbonara cooked with soymilk instead of cream; nasi campur Bali served with organic red rice and homemade black nachos made with charcoal flour (that allegedly helps draw toxins out of our body).

These made-over versions typically bring out the skeptics in us who are used to the classic versions. What if the taste has gotten a little off?

Despite this, what Epigastro has done is to make small, as if calculated tweaks to the ingredients, to ensure that these healthier alternatives still retain their flavours. They know too well that for healthy food to be easily incorporated into our daily diet, it needs to remain indulgent. Occupying a small corner, Epigastro’s grocery section allows guests to bring home quality products and freshly baked breads such as charcoal infused bread.

More importantly, beyond its food offerings, Epigastro hopes to get more people in on a holistic lifestyle, in which healthy eating is supported by exercise. This explains Epigastro’s location, beneath the spanking new gym, Epitome that plays host to classes such as yoga and Muaythai.

With large windows allowing unhindered light and vertical gardens framing the walls, visitors are calmly affected with an ambience that resembles a greenhouse. Undoubtedly, a visit to Epigastro soon turns into a session of people watching, as toned, gym-goers grab a bite or something to go – whether it is the fruit bowls or the assortment of cold-pressed juices.

Epigastro understands the struggle of a healthy lifestyle in an increasingly hectic modern life, but instead of forcing the benefits down your throat, Epigastro recognizes the need of indulging in a little fun along the way. And since Rome is not built in a day, neither is your ideal body.