Here Comes Gentle Ben

by Julius Kensan
12th January 2017
Apart from being the neighbourhood coffee shop, Gentle Ben boasts menu that takes good care of your appetite from morning to night.

It has long been hammered to us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Still, as much as we believe so, sometimes it takes a little bit more convincing to drag our bodies out of bed in the early morning.

Located in Ahmad Dahlan road, Gentle Ben is the type of establishment that makes waking up for breakfast seems less of a chore. Visually calming and subdued, this neighbourhood coffee shop boasts breakfast menu that ranges from light (Super Smoothie Bowl) to heavy (Not So Gentle Breakfast and Donuts & Beef Bacon).

Of course, Gentle Ben is not just all about its breakfast. Come lunch, breakfast options is swapped with heftier main course menu choices that are packed with protein, such as Sirloin Steak Sandwich, Beef Ragout Meatballs Napoletana and Baked Norwegian Salmon. And throughout the day, serving as a company to the meal will be the coffee that comes with the choice of their own house blend, aptly named Gentle Blend, to options like deconstructed ice latte.

Those who love the idea of eating and shopping will be glad to know that Gentle Ben also shares its space with Flip Side, a lifestyle boutique store that stocks local labels from fréj, Komma the Label, Vimala to Aya Prints.

Still, no matter the reasons, Gentle Ben makes for a pleasing visit regardless of the time of the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just a simple coffee break and a little shopping therapy, Gentle Ben takes care of it pleasingly.