Get Casual with COTTONINK

by Candy Anthrasal
22nd May 2015
COTTONINK continues to hook buyers with its local versatile wears; this time taking a step to branch out of the virtual world, as it becomes accessible for window shopping in the district of Kemang.

The torrent of online shopping is undeniably popular in the recent years of 21st century. It has easily gained widespread favours due to its efficiency in saving time, fuel, and energy. It is profoundly convenient for it is always within 24/7 reach. Still, the advanced viral reach doesn’t give customers the privilege to touch the actual fabrics that assemble the series of clothing on display.

Founded in 2008, COTTONINK began selling their collections online in 2011. From time to time the clothing line has evolved its range of choices from crafty shawl and printed tee selections to a broader world of basic apparels. And now, COTTONINK is stepping up the game level by going kicking off their first-ever brick and mortar outlet; establishing their new home in the district of Kemang Timur.

The interior of the store unfolds in a very pleasant manner with subtle-toned ornaments and minimalist furniture dominating the space. Whether it is an approach to play safe or to accentuate more on the clothing details, the cosy atmosphere is nevertheless inviting and warm.

Displays are hanged neatly and concentrated more on spaces in the corner rather than a jam-packed centre area. The clothes are divided into range of essential basics, such as knitted sweaters, working apparels, semi-casual wears and perky little accessories. Every different section has its own flairs too, as they are designed to cater to different type of professions from housewives, career women, students and even teenagers.

The concept altogether makes COTTONINK into a one-stop shopping haunt that easily attract a bigger appeal of a potential mother daughter duo, colleagues and even shopping partner in crime. Luckily, even if one succumbs into piling COTTONINK’s wearable pieces in to shopping basket, the limelight is still on the pocket friendly prices that won’t zero one’s bank account balance.