Burgreens Unveils New Branch in Tebet

by Julius Kensan
7th February 2015
Burgreens, the popular vegetarian and vegan friendly eatery, has planted itself a new spot in Tebet with a serene park view to boot.

Those who have an inclination for healthy food should be well acquainted with Burgreens by now. The popular vegetarian and vegan eatery first started its humble establishment in Rempoa and attracted plenty of followers in a short amount of time.

Now, backed by countless requests to start a new branch closer to the heart of city, Burgreens has unveiled their new spot in Tebet. At first, Tebet may seem like a strange choice of place for some but once there, it’s easy to catch the drift: the establishment is located opposite Honda Park and it boasts a vast and serene view of the latter.

Menu wise, it remains pretty much the same. Patrons can still enjoy their signature fast food inspired eats like Mini Trio Burger (mushroom, beans and spinach chickpeas), Mini Quarto Burger (mushroom, beans, spinach chickpeas and lentils) and Burgreens Steak.

But they have also came out with a few new salad additions like Burgreens Matah Salad, Mango Salsa Salad and Peanut-Free Karedok. The latter, as the name suggest is raw vegetable salad. But instead of the usual peanut sauce, it is replaced by Burgreens very own Karedok sauce, made from walnuts. This is the salad to go for if you like your greens fresh with plenty of crunch.

Don’t expect a large space though. The new branch is compact and also more focused on an “Eat & Go” concept (suitable for those who are looking for a quick fix). Nevertheless, even for that short duration, pleasure is still easily achieved in this new establishment.