Bicycle + Coffee = Beecy

by Julius Kensan
1st December 2014
Beecy is now brewing in Dharmawangsa with the winning blend of bicycle and, of course, coffee.

Now that Jakarta is enjoying the boom of café culture, some of the newer establishments have gradually evolved to more than just a café that serves coffee.

Beecy looks just like a typical café from the outside but you’d be wrong to assume that one visits the café only for the coffee. Started by Mada Mubina, the head of Indonesian Folding Bike Community, Beecy is a café where cyclists congregate together for good time and coffee.

Think of it like a pit stop for the cyclists where they recharge themselves over a plate of toast with a cup of coffee before heading off for the rest of their adventure. In addition, Beecy also sells various bike gears where they are displayed on the shelves, which also serve as rustic decoration for the café.

The choice of coffee here is customary. Still, the manual brew options (Decanter, French Press, V60 and Chemex) are impressive to say the least. Even if you’re not a cyclist, there are plenty of reasons for coffee enthusiasts to visit Beecy too. The café boasts a selection of Indonesian coffee beans from Aceh Gayo, Mandheling, Benteng Alla, Flores Bajawa to Toraja.

Those who dislike to be cooped inside the air-conditioned room may head up to second floor where the spacious balcony awaits. Here, you can enjoy your coffee with open air.

With the presence of Beecy, it is only a matter of time where cyclists and coffee enthusiasts flock to the café to kick-start themselves for their day ahead.