Take a Beau

by Julius Kensan
17th September 2015
BEAU's second home in Grand Indonesia is more than twice the size of its first outlet, giving patrons more space to enjoy their fine crafted pastries and cakes.

In less than a few months old, BEAU has managed to find itself a second branch in Grand Indonesia mall. Compared to its former store in Plaza Indonesia mall, which only allows guests to pick up and go, BEAU’s second offering has allocated a much bigger space for one to dine in or simply rest their weary legs after hours of shopping.

Fans of BEAU’s intricate and refined cakes and pastries will find refuge in choices like Astrid (BEAU’s signature cake of raspberry, pistachio, white chocolate and yoghurt) or White Chocolate Éclair. Luckily, BEAU also provides heavier options for those with a hearty palate. Apart from their classic breads and bombos, their brunch menu as well as coffee (using beans from Morph coffee) give more reasons for patrons to extend their stay.

Though modern in outlook, BEAU’s approach to its products is rooted in traditions. For instance, each pastry is hand-made from scratch without relying on any bread improvers or additives. Such dedication to crafts could very well be one of the main driving forces of BEAU’s rise to prominence. And judging by the success of its second branch, fans could definitely expect more baked goods goodness from BEAU in the near future.